There have never been more options for those looking to add a subtle lift to their eyebrows. With this non-invasive procedure, a full, supple brow awaits you.



While Microblading remains incredibly popular, you can think of the Powder Brow procedure as a sort of cousin to the process. As the name suggests, the Powder Brow process is less intensive and relies on a digital machine instead of a handheld tool, which allows soft pixels of color to be added to your brows, for a softer, more comprehensive look. It’s also worth noting that many patients elect to have both procedures for a “hybrid” brow.


If you’ve long wanted to add fullness to your brows, without adding more time to an already elaborate at-home routine, Powder Brows may be a perfect solution for you. As mentioned, this is a very similar process to Microblading, but often clients who elect to go the Powder Brow path include:

  • Patients looking for slightly longer-lasting results than the Microblading process
  • Clients with oily skin, which leads to longer-lasting pigment retention
  • Mature clients who lead an active lifestyle
  • Those looking for a more velvety full look for their brows over a more fluffy look


No matter the procedure, your first step is your consultation with one of our providers trained by Dr. Mark R. Murphy. Here you will be welcome to ask any questions and get a sense of our philosophy and approach. We want to engender an atmosphere where you feel confident about going forward in this next step of your journey and are here to help make it as transparent and welcoming as possible.


After the application of numbing cream to address any potential discomfort, you can expect to have your brow mapped and then refined, to plan out the process. You’ll go over the color selection and tint and then the procedure begins, as tiny scratches of pigment are added to the upper layers of your skin. Tiny pixels of color will then be employed to round out the look and make sure your final results are even and flawless.


As with the Microblading procedure, it’s important to remember that initially, your brows will be darker than they will eventually appear. This is totally normal and part of the healing process. Typically, the color you see immediately after the process will become 50% lighter over the course of the month following. For the first 48 hours afterward, you will need to refrain from getting the brows wet. Furthermore, you should avoid direct sun, swimming pools, and strenuous exercise for the first few days after the session. There will be some scabbing and flaking and it’s advised to just let this occur naturally without interference. It is all a part of the healing. As long as you’re happy with your results after four to six weeks, there is no need for a second session. But you’re welcome to reschedule a retouching session as needed. 


Our providers have undergone rigorous training with Dr. Mark R. Murphy, ensuring you are in excellent hands. They specialize exclusively in facial treatments and are widely recognized as the top providers in Palm Beach, Florida, thanks to their impeccable technique and unwavering commitment to using cutting-edge technology.

Our primary objective is to restore your natural, balanced beauty and provide any enhancements necessary to achieve this goal. We prioritize your comfort and relaxation before, during, and after your procedure and offer exceptional support during your recovery period to maximize the benefits of your investment in rejuvenation and beauty. Schedule a personal consultation today to discover the many exciting options available.


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