If you’re feeling frustrated by the presence of unwanted fat around your chin or jawline, neck liposuction—also known as submental liposuction—can help you.


With age, many men and women find that the delicate tissues in their chin and neck areas undergo some frustrating changes. You’re certainly not alone if you feel as though you’ve begun to lose your youthful contours thanks to the presence of unwanted fat under your chin and/or along your jawline (this is commonly referred to as submental fat). If this sounds like you, a neck liposuction procedure with Dr. Mark R. Murphy can reverse these effects, restoring a slim and more youthful facial appearance. His extensive experience with facial cosmetic surgery enables him to create exceptional results that are tailored directly to his patients’ goals and desires, and he’ll work closely with you to ensure that you get to show the world a look you’ll absolutely love. When you’re ready to learn more about what Dr. Murphy and his talented team can do for you, reach out to West Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgery and set up your consultation with a helpful member of our team today.


Submental liposuction, performed at our welcoming offices in West Palm Beach, has the ability to transform your face by slimming down your neck and jawline, leaving you with a more elegant and youthful set of contours. When performed correctly by a seasoned facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Murphy, this procedure can improve the appearance of your neck and jawline, restoring a youthful and slender look.

In general, it is a recommended procedure if you:

  • Possess a double chin
  • Are embarrassed by heavy jowls
  • Want to restore your youthful and distinct jawline
  • Are interested in boosting your sense of self-confidence
  • Would like to show the world an elegant set of contours


In many cases, we find that it’s best to perform neck liposuction early on, when you first begin to notice excess fat accumulating in the area. Otherwise, your skin may lose some of its elasticity, and you’ll likely end up requiring a face and neck lift to address the heaviness and sagging. Your cosmetic journey will begin with a consultation with Dr. Murphy. He’ll help you explore the various treatments that are available to you, leaving you fully knowledgeable about their options. Schedule your consultation today to start on the road to facial rejuvenation.


At Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgery, our brand pillars reflect an artistic aesthetic vision combined with exceptional surgical execution. Dr. Mark Murphy’s expertise in submental liposuction lies in balancing artistry and superior tactics, setting him apart in Palm Beach. We are passionately dedicated to perfection across all levels of care, offering specialized facial focus for every stage of the anti-aging relationship. Our strong, confident, and joyful team delivers a high-touch experience that exceeds expectations, providing personalized attention and individualized care in an upscale, luxurious environment.


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Your submental liposuction experience will begin during an initial consultation with Dr. Murphy at his Palm Beach Gardens office. During that meeting, he will examine your neck and chin to assess the excess volume you’d like to address, and he’ll talk to you about your concerns and goals for surgery. Once he understands your cosmetic desires, he will combine them with his vast expertise and experience to compose a custom treatment plan designed to remove any unwanted fat cells and sculpt a more attractive overall look.

To perform the procedure, Dr. Murphy will begin by making a small incision in the area of your unwanted fat. He will then insert a tiny cannula through that opening, gently moving the tube back and forth to break up and remove the excess cells. Unlike other plastic surgeons, Dr. Murphy won’t target your unwanted volume in a thoughtless or mechanical way. A genuine artist, he will carefully sculpt the area, striving to create a more beautiful and defined neckline that you can be proud of.


Immediately after your neck liposuction procedure, you will return home to begin the healing process. During this time, you can expect to experience some bruising, swelling, and numbness in the treatment area. However, all of these effects are temporary and should resolve gradually over time. As you recover, you’ll be advised to avoid strenuous activities and wear your neck compression wrap as directed to ensure optimal results. Although everyone has a unique experience, most of our patients in Jupiter, FL and the surrounding areas are able to return to work and their normal daily routines within about one week. With that said, Dr. Murphy will provide you with a personalized recovery timeline during your post-operative appointments. If you’d like to learn more about how submental liposuction can help you, reach out to our West Palm Beach office and speak with a member of our team to set up your initial consultation today.

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