RHA fillers offer a sophisticated, subtle opportunity to reduce the effects of time and facial aging. Dr. Mark Murphy is pleased to offer this uniquely modern approach for a more youthful appearance.



RHA fillers represent one of the newest forms of facial rejuvenation. It wasn’t long ago that patients had to undergo two distinct treatments to address dynamic lines (caused by repetitive facial movements like laughing or frowning) or static lines (caused by lifestyle and environmental factors). But now, you can address both of these impacts on your appearance in a single session. RHA fillers use a dynamic and flexible form of hyaluronic acid—a compound found in the human body that is more abundant in our youth—that organically adapts and supports your unique facial features and expressions. 

Subtle injections of hyaluronic acid into strategic locations in your face add an immediate youthful glow while filling out wrinkles and facial folds. 

  • RHA 2: These treat moderate wrinkles on the upper region of your face and add volume to thin lips.
  • RHA 3: These treat deep wrinkles and facial folds—nasolabial folds, marionette lines, facial creases, etc.—and add volume to hollow cheeks.
  • RHA 4: These add volume to the cheeks and contours of your facial structure.


It’s normal to be curious if a procedure is the best way to approach a concern about your appearance. Typically, patients who opt for RHA Fillers include:

  • Those bothered by wrinkle lines that feel make them feel older than their age
  • Those looking to restore a subtle, vibrant shine to their face
  • Those looking to return a feeling of volume and plumpness to their face
  • Patients put off by more intense surgical procedures who still want to address concerns about their appearance
  • Those looking for a quick, painless procedure with organic results


Before your procedure, you can be assured of a private consultation with Dr. Murphy at our offices. This will be both an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about RHA fillers, as well as get to know Dr. Murphy and hear about his technique and philosophy for this procedure. Since there are three distinct types of RHA Fillers, you’ll have a chance to ask about them and find out which one is right for your needs.

You’ll also be given a sense of the timeline on the day of and the days to follow, so you know what to expect. Above all, we want you to feel comfortable and cared for as you go forth in this next step of your process. Peace of mind in the days leading up to your procedure is our main goal and we want all of our patients to leave feeling seen and understood. 


One of the truly amazing features of the RHA Filler procedure is how simple and non-invasive it is. The entire treatment typically takes between 15 and 25 minutes. The injections contain lidocaine, a local anesthetic, which means you may feel numb in these areas for up to a few hours. After Dr. Murphy, completes the injections to your specific target areas, he will gently massage your face to further disperse the gel throughout the injection area for a smooth, organic result.


Few procedures are as simple and painless as the RHA treatment. You can expect some mild redness, irritation, and swelling on the treatment areas. But the good news is, these side effects should not keep you from a full resumption of daily activities. Except for a strenuous workout for a few days, you can expect to resume normal daily activities immediately following the procedure. Within two to three days, as the hyaluronic acid has a chance to settle, you can expect to see your final results: a smoother, more vibrant, and youthful facial appearance. These results typically last up to two years. 


Dr. Mark R. Murphy is double-board certified in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, as well as head and neck surgery. Known for his advanced surgical approach and ability to achieve refined cosmetic results, he’s the surgeon of choice for discerning patients who want to refresh their faces as subtly as possible.

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