Facelift Revision

Dr. Mark R. Murphy is an expert on revision facelift procedures. Often patients are pleased with their primary surgery, but as time passes they may wish to regain, or retain, their youthful appearance.


With the evolution of plastic surgery, both from a technical and societal perspective, revision facelifts have become one of Dr. Murphy’s most commonly performed operations. Unfortunately cosmetic procedures don’t always go as planned. If you underwent a primary facelift that produced unnatural, unattractive or inadequate results, you may require a revision facelift to address the issue. When this occurs, few surgeons are more qualified than Dr. Murphy to perform this delicate procedure – sculpting the naturally youthful face you want.



Although a revision facelift involves many of the same techniques as a primary surgery, it requires a much higher level of skill and artistry. Not only does the surgeon have to take into account the patient’s goals and anatomy, but he also has to address scar tissue and alterations to the tissue from the previous procedure. It’s a detailed surgery that requires intricate manipulations, and as such it should only be performed by a highly experienced and trustworthy facial plastic surgeon with an eye for natural beauty and the technical expertise of Dr. Murphy.


The decision to revise your facelift is a personal one, and it should be made on an individual basis after a thorough discussion with a facial plastic surgeon. With that said, you may want to consider this procedure if:

  • You had a successful facelift many years ago, but your face is beginning to show telltale signs of aging again.
  • Your primary facelift didn’t correct all of your signs of aging. For example, your face may appear rejuvenated, but your neck and jaw are still poorly defined.
  • Your prior surgeon was overly aggressive during the procedure, and you now have a windswept, tight or pulled-back facial appearance.


At Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgery, excellence in facial rejuvenation and facelift revision is paired with exceptional surgical execution, setting Dr. Mark Murphy apart in Palm Beach. With almost two decades of experience solely devoted to the face, he leads a passionate team committed to perfection and personalized care. Offering specialized facial treatments from prejuvenation to post-surgical maintenance, they provide an upscale, joyful, and empowering experience that exceeds the expectations of their discerning, high-touch audience.


Before performing your facelift revision, Dr. Murphy will invite you to schedule an initial consultation at his Palm Beach Gardens office. During that meeting, he will talk to you about the concerns you have regarding your primary procedure and he’ll assess the changes that need to be made to achieve the naturally rejuvenated and refreshed appearance you want. He will then compose a completely customized surgical plan that’s designed to improve your signs of facial aging and correct any aesthetic issues associated with your previous surgery.

To perform the actual procedure, Dr. Murphy’s team will administer twilight anesthesia to provide a comfortable and safe surgery. From there, he will place his incisions just behind your previous ones so that he may excise the old scars at the completion of the procedure. He will then proceed into the deeper tissues so that he can perform his signature deep plane surgical approach. This technique is critical because it allows Dr. Murphy to rearrange the muscles, fat and tissue, which produces natural and long-lasting aesthetic results.

Throughout this process, you can be assured that Dr. Murphy will operate with a conservative approach, ensuring that you emerge from surgery looking like yourself – just naturally younger.

Once your face has been successfully rejuvenated and the issues of your previous surgeon have been addressed, he’ll carefully close the incisions to ensure that the resulting scars are very difficult to see once you’ve healed.


The recovery period associated with your facelift revision will depend on the intensiveness of your procedure. Many of our patients in West Palm Beach, FL and surrounding areas experience moderate discomfort, bruising, swelling and a “tight” feeling for the first several days. However, these effects can be easily managed by taking pain medication as directed, elevating the head and applying cold compresses to the area.

Although every patient will have a unique experience, in general the healing process takes approximately two to three weeks for the patient to acclimate to their rejuvenated appearance. In terms of results, your youthful new appearance will be apparent right away and it will continue to improve as you progress through the recovery period.

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