Simple and Sophisticated Definition

Microblading is a semi-permanent, non-invasive procedure that enhances or reshapes your eyebrows. If you’ve long struggled with an elaborate routine to get your brows looking more filled in and defined, this procedure may be perfect for you. In addition to the protection they offer your face by keeping moisture and sweat away from your eyes, our eyebrows are the key to our expressions; our joy, pain, and passion. If you’ve wished to correct what’s missing from this area, our simple Microblading process might be the perfect salve.

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Who is Microblading Right For?

While microblading is a subtle process, given that it is semi-permanent, it's essential to feel that you fit into the right demographic for the procedure. Dr. Mark R. Murphy's trained providers serve a wide array of clients with this process, but typically, patients who seek this option include: 

  • Those in good physical health with normal to dry skin
  • Those who have not had brows tattooed at a deep level or a facial laser treatment
  • Those who are not currently pregnant
  • Those who have long felt their eyebrows don't properly serve their emotional expressions
  • Those looking to add definition and enhance their overall facial appearance 
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Your Consultation

Before you decide if Microblading is right for you, one of our highly-trained providers will schedule a consultation to discuss your goals and intentions for the procedure. We believe in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, inviting any concerns or questions. You’ll receive a list of best practices to prepare for the day of the procedure. Typically, patients will be expected to prepare by avoiding any other facial procedures in the weeks leading up to your procedure and not waxing or plucking their eyebrows in the lead-up days. 

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The Day of Your Procedure

The Microblading procedure is typically conducted over the course of two sessions. The first is usually three hours and you will receive a topical numbing agent to address any discomfort. The first session involves a series of minute cuts and pigment implementation. These thousands of small strokes give the overall appearance of your own eyebrows, now with more definition. The follow-up visit, typically six to eight weeks later, is usually an hour and is meant to ensure the best results by adding any additional strokes needed, altering shape, or adding changes to the pigment. 

Recovery and Results

After the procedure, you’ll be fully prepared by Dr. Murphy and our team on what to expect. You can expect your eyebrows to look darker for a week or so and will be advised to avoid makeup, direct sunlight, facial scrubs, and sleeping on your face. Furthermore, it’s recommended you keep your eyebrows away from water for ten days following. Once you have healed from your process, you can enjoy the benefits of taking this step to add definition and vibrance to your appearance. And the results of Microblading typically last up to three years. 

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Why Choose Us?

Dr. Mark R. Murphy and his team of skilled providers are committed to delivering a customized experience that caters to your individual needs and aspirations. Their approach is characterized by empathy and dedication, setting them apart from their rivals with an exceptional blend of integrity and expertise.

At Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Murphy and his team embody an artistic aesthetic vision executed with precision and mastery. With almost two decades of experience, our providers specialize in facial rejuvenation and offer surgical and non-surgical treatments to address every stage of the anti-aging process.

Their personalized, high-touch care and unwavering commitment to excellence ensure that discerning patients seeking exceptional facial results in an upscale and luxurious environment can enjoy a delightful and empowering experience.

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