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Few surgeons are more qualified than Dr. Mark R. Murphy to fix the issues associated with your prior procedure, while sculpting the beautiful, functioning and natural-looking nose you desire.

Should you revise your nose job?

The decision to undergo a revision rhinoplasty in West Palm Beach is highly personal and should be determined on an individual basis, after thoroughly considering your unique circumstances. With that said, there are a few problems that almost always warrant a corrective procedure among our patients in West Palm Beach and around the globe, including:

New breathing difficulties

New breathing challenges can develop after a primary rhinoplasty if the surgeon inadvertently obstructed the airways while sculpting your new nose. When this occurs, a secondary procedure gives Dr. Murphy the opportunity to fix the obstruction and restore your ability to breathe easily.

Aesthetic issues

When patients request a revision rhinoplasty, it’s commonly because they are unhappy with the appearance of their nose after surgery. It doesn’t look like the beautiful and balanced new nose that their surgeon promised, and they want to revise the procedure to achieve the look they want.

A nose that looks artificial

Unfortunately, some surgeons are overly aggressive during their rhinoplasty procedures and end up creating noses that look artificial. When this occurs, Dr. Murphy has the finesse and artistry necessary to revise these alterations, ultimately sculpting the natural-looking nose you want.

It’s important to note that a revision rhinoplasty is almost always more difficult than the primary surgery because the cartilage has already been changed, damaged or removed. As such, it’s absolutely critical that you select a Palm Beach facial plastic surgeon who is vastly experienced in these complex revision procedures and can successfully achieve your unique goals for surgery.

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Why Choose Us?

At Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Mark Murphy and his dedicated team offer an unparalleled experience in facial rejuvenation and revision rhinoplasty. His artistic vision and exceptional surgical execution sets him apart. With a focus on perfection at all levels of care, Dr. Murphy and his staff deliver personalized, high-touch experiences and cater to every stage of the anti-aging journey. Their passion, joy, and expertise make them a destination center for discerning patients seeking top-notch cosmetic and reconstructive facial procedures.

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What to expect during your revision rhinoplasty

Before your revision rhinoplasty can begin, Dr. Murphy will schedule a private consultation with you at his Palm Beach Gardens office. During that meeting, he will assess the issues incurred with your previous procedure, and why you ended up with a nose that isn’t the one you wished for. Once he’s identified the cause of your functional and cosmetic issues, he will compose a custom surgical plan designed to address the issues of your previous surgeon – while sculpting a beautiful nose you can be proud of.

To begin your actual procedure, Dr. Murphy’s team will administer anesthesia to ensure your comfort and safety, before re-opening your original incisions. Through those openings, he will attempt to address any deformities present from your prior procedure, as well as reshape and resize your nasal structure to bring balance and harmony to your features. Throughout this entire process, you can be assured that Dr. Murphy will embrace his signature conservative approach to ensure that you emerge from surgery with a nose that appears naturally beautiful – never artificial.

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There is a substantial recovery period associated with a corrective rhinoplasty. In general, we advise our patients in West Palm Beach, FL and surrounding areas to stay home from work for seven to ten days to ensure that they have ample time to heal. During that time, you’ll be advised to keep your head elevated, avoid strenuous activity and apply regular cold compresses to minimize swelling. In addition, you’ll be instructed to take your prescribed pain medication as directed to manage any discomfort. In a few days, we will have you return to the office so Dr. Murphy can remove your bandages, assess your progress and offer personalized guidance regarding when you can return to work and resume your normal daily routine.

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