Long-Lasting Lip Blushing

Similar to Microblading, Lip Blushing offers a simple, non-surgical makeup procedure that removes your need for elaborate, at-home balm and gloss routines. 

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An Elegant, Modern Corrective 

Immediately, your base-level lip appearance will be elevated with a gentle corrective that brings out the fullness of your lips. Lip Blushing enhances your natural lip color by depositing colored ink into the lips via a needle. While similar to tattooing, this is a relatively pain-free procedure and is only semi-permanent. This procedure which has been steadily gaining in popularity is a non-intensive solution for those looking to unlock a deeper beauty and let their lips shine the way they were truly meant to. 

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Is Lip Blushing Right for Me?

It’s natural to wonder if any procedure is right for you, even non-invasive ones. And since Lip Blushing does involve a semi-permanent component, it’s only right to get a sense of who typically elects to have the procedure. 

Lip Blushing is a popular course for patients who:

  • Are looking for increased pigmentation for aging or pale lips
  • Want long-lasting lip color
  • Are looking for fuller-looking lips without injectables or surgery
  • Looking for more balanced lip symmetry 
  • Want a corrective for uneven lip pigmentation 

Start with a Consultation

As with any procedure, your journey begins with a consultation. One of our providers, trained by Dr. Mark R. Murphy, will meet with you at our offices to hear your goals and desires. Even with non-invasive, non-surgical procedures, we believe that feeling supported and understood is the bedrock of a successful treatment plan. You can ask any questions as the provider thoroughly reviews the procedure. We want you to leave feeling secure and supported in your decision. 

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The Day of Your Procedure

Before you begin the procedure, you’ll select your desired tint shade. You’ll also be treated with a topical anesthetic to address any potential pain or discomfort. From here, the shade will be delicately tattooed onto your lips. This generally takes about an hour and a half and is relatively pain-free.

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Recovery and Results

It’s important to note: directly following the procedure, your lips will appear darker than they will be in their healed state. This is normal and you can expect some slight puffiness in the first 24 hours as well. As you heal, your final color will develop which will be lighter and more natural than the days immediately following the procedure. A moisturizing lip balm is also recommended. After a few weeks, you’ll be able to enjoy your new tint and full, revitalized lips. You also may want to schedule a touch-up procedure after several months to make any subtle adjustments needed. 

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Why Choose Us?

Our providers have received intensive training under the guidance of Dr. Mark R. Murphy, ensuring that you are in capable hands. They specialize exclusively in facial treatments and are renowned as the top providers in Palm Beach, Florida, thanks to their impeccable technique and dedication to using the latest technology.

We aim to enhance your natural beauty and balance while providing any necessary enhancements to achieve this goal. We prioritize your comfort and relaxation before, during, and after your procedure and offer exceptional support during your recovery period to optimize the benefits of your investment in rejuvenation and beauty. Contact us today to schedule a personal consultation and explore the exciting options.

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Schedule a Consultation

We invite you to schedule a consultation at our Palm Beach Gardens office today, and let esteemed facial plastic surgeon, Mark R. Murphy, M.D., help you create the enhanced appearance you deserve.

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