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Mohs Reconstruction

If you’re diagnosed with skin cancer on the face, Mohs micrographic surgery will be performed to remove the cancerous cells. The procedure is very effective at eradicating the disease, but it also frequently results in a large, unsightly wound that dramatically alters your looks. When this occurs, Mohs reconstruction is performed to correct the defect and restore a healthy facial appearance.

Helping you move forward after skin cancer treatments

After the physical and emotional toll of battling skin cancer, the last thing you need is a constant reminder of your fight every time you look in the mirror. Most of our patients in West Palm Beach, FL would prefer to put the entire experience behind them and move forward with their lives – and that’s exactly what Dr. Murphy wants to help you do. With Mohs reconstruction, he’ll strive to improve the appearance of your scars and minimize other signs of your surgery, so that you can feel confident about your looks once again.

Are you a candidate for Mohs reconstruction?

Dr. Murphy believes in determining candidacy for his patients on an individual basis, after meeting with you in person and evaluating the quality of your skin and the severity of your wound. However, in general most skin cancer patients will be considered ideal candidates for Mohs reconstruction, as long as they:

  • Are physically and emotionally healthy
  • Suffer from visible defects, scars and wounds associated with Mohs surgery

A consultation with Dr. Murphy leaves patients fully knowledgeable about their options. Schedule your consultation today to start on the road to facial rejuvenation.

What to expect during Mohs reconstruction

Because everyone’s wound is unique, Dr. Murphy tailors his Mohs reconstruction procedures to fit each individual patient. As such, before your surgery begins he will schedule a private consultation with you, so that he can evaluate the defect and compose a customized surgical plan designed to address it as effectively as possible.

The actual surgery will be performed under local or twilight anesthesia. The choice of anesthesia is usually at the discretion of the patient as we seek to tailor the entire experience towards the patient’s personal preferences. The exact reconstructive procedure will not be known until the defect has been created by your dermatologist. Dr. Murphy will then evaluate the wound and tailor your reconstruction to recapture your natural appearance. This will be done with a high level of skill and precision to ensure that the outcome is as natural-looking and seamless as possible.

Mohs Reconstruction Before & Afters

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Recovery and results

Your recovery period will vary, depending on the severity of your unique wound and the intensiveness of your procedure. However, in general we advise our patients in West Palm Beach and surrounding areas to plan for an initial healing process of approximately one to four weeks. During that time, you will likely experience some bruising, swelling and discomfort in the treatment area. All of these effects are completely normal, and should subside gradually as your body recovers.

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We invite you to schedule a consultation at our Palm Beach Gardens office today, and let esteemed facial plastic surgeon, Mark R. Murphy, M.D., help you create the enhanced appearance you deserve.


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