I had rhinoplasty done. A nose job. I went to an E.N.T., one of his partners, Dr. DiTolla. And he referred me to Dr. Murphy because I needed it done medically. And Dr. Murphy could also do the medical and the cosmetic portion of it.

He made me feel beautiful as I was, but he showed me how much better I could look with the procedure that he was looking at doing. I really enjoyed spending time with him. Just a very nice personality and I trusted him medically.

I saw him two days after my surgery, and he made me feel better and made me realize what I was going through was normal.

And within six days, I was back to work. No bruising, no issues at all. Cast came off, I was excited about the results, six days after my surgery.

It’s the one item that always bothered me, was my nose. Now I have extra confidence. I have no issue at all with side pictures, front pictures. I love having my picture taken now. It’s just given my overall outlook on my looks a 100 percent boost.

People will tell me, “I see something different.” They don’t know if it’s the hair, they don’t know if it’s different makeup, different clothes. But everyone says I look better and I think it’s, too because I’m more confident in my looks.

Because I made the change that I wanted to, to my nose. I definitely researched it and made sure it was important, and found a good doctor. But it was important enough to me that I wanted to do it.

And I wanted to make the change in my life, and I feel better about it.

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