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What is Kybella™?

Kybella™ was created to help people reduce the appearance of the dreaded double chin. Generally speaking, double chins occur for two reasons:

  • Some patients develop double chins because excess body fat has formed below the chin.
  • Another common cause of the double chin is aging. As we age, the skin around our chin starts to sag, making it seem as though we have two chins.

Thankfully, Kybella™ is an FDA-approved treatment that eliminates chin-based fat.

How Does Kybella™ Work?

Like many cutting-edge skin care treatments currently available on the market, Kybella™ is an injectable serum. One of the serum’s primary ingredients is deoxycholic acid, an all-natural molecule that helps break apart and absorb dietary fat.

Deoxycholic acid’s ability to quickly break apart and absorb submental fat is the reason why Kybella™ is such an effective non-surgical skincare treatment for improving the aesthetic profile of your chin.

What is Submental Fullness?

To better understand how Kybella™ effectively treats a double chin, it is important to learn more about why submental fullness occurs in the body. Many Palm Beach Gardens residents find that submental fullness occurs as they age. The older the get, the more prominent the submental fullness becomes.

For most people living in Florida, weight gain or obesity is responsible for the appearance of a double chin. The more fat your body carries, the greater the likelihood that you will suffer from submental fullness.

Genetics, as well as the bone structure of your face, could be other causes of a double chin. This means that regardless of how well you watch your diet or care for your skin, you may be more prone to a double chin because of your genes.

Kybella Before & Afters

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If You are Bothered by Submental Fullness, You’re Not Alone

At Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgery, Kristy understands that you may be feeling self-conscious about your double chin. She wants to assure you, however, that submental fullness is an extremely common skin-related issue. In fact, a report recently published by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery suggests that over 60% of American citizens are worried about their submental fullness.

A consultation with Dr. Murphy leaves patients fully knowledgeable about their options. Schedule your consultation today to start on the road to facial rejuvenation.

Common Questions About Kybella™

Is Kybella™ Right for Me?

Many people living in Florida, who would like to enhance the appearance of their face, want to know if Kybella™ injections make sense for them. Doctors suggest that Kybella™ is great for people who are bothered by their submental fullness.

Doctors also believe that Kybella™ is great for people who suffer from submental fullness despite losing a large amount of weight.

And, because Kybella™ is non-surgical, the serum is a great option for people who do not want to undergo surgery to get rid of their double chin.

How Many People Have Been Treated With Kybella™?

Although Kybella™ is relatively new to the market, more than 20 different clinical trials have examined the effects of the injectable serum. These same studies report that over 1,600 patients have used Kybella™ to treat their submental fullness since the treatment became available to the public.

How is Kybella™ Administered?

The typical Kybella™ treatment session takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Kristy is also capable of customizing your treatment timeline to coordinate better with your treatment goals or work schedule. Kristy understands that many of her patients have busy schedules, which is why the team at Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgery will work at a pace that suits your needs.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

According to Kristy, the average patient needs between two and four Kybella™ treatments before seeing a change in the profile of their chin. People with stubborn fat deposits may require up to six Kybella™ treatments before seeing results. These injections are administered at least one month apart.

Is There Downtime After Kybella™?

Kybella™ does not require invasive surgery, so there is minimal downtime between treatment sessions. Patients also report that they are able to resume their social lives just minutes after receiving a Kybella™ injection.

Kybella™ Treatment Resulted in High Patient Satisfaction

  • 79% of the people who received a Kybella™ treatment were satisfied with the improved contours of their face and chin.
  • These satisfied patients said that Kybella™ improved their self-confidence, boosted their mood, and helped them lose weight.

Important Safety Information about Kybella™

It is important that you disclose your medical history to Kristy before beginning your Kybella™ treatment. Kristy might modify your treatment if you have undergone cosmetic surgery to your face or chin in the past.

Patients who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have difficulties swallowing are asked to consult with Kristy before beginning their Kybella™ treatment.

Important Information about Kybella™

Patients should not receive Kybella™ injections if they have an infection in the treatment area, and Kybella™ should not be used to reduce fat on other parts of the body outside of the submental region.

What Are Kybella™ Costs in Palm Beach Gardens?

To receive the most cost-effective treatment plan, Kristy suggests scheduling a consultation before your first Kybella™ treatment. During this consultation, one of the clinic’s trained skin care technicians can discuss the average costs of a Kybella™ treatment plan with you.

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We invite you to schedule a consultation at our Palm Beach Gardens office today, and let esteemed facial plastic surgeon, Mark R. Murphy, M.D., help you create the enhanced appearance you deserve.


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