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Palm Beach Rhinoplasty Testimonial

I had rhinoplasty done. A nose job. I went to an E.N.T., one of his partners, Dr. DiTolla. And he referred me to Dr. Murphy because I needed it done medically. And Dr. Murphy could also do the medical and the cosmetic portion of it.

He made me feel beautiful as I was, but he showed me how much better I could look with the procedure that he was looking at doing. I really enjoyed spending time with him. Just a very nice personality and I trusted him medically.

I saw him two days after my surgery, and he made me feel better and made me realize what I was going through was normal.

And within six days, I was back to work. No bruising, no issues at all. Cast came off, I was excited about the results, six days after my surgery.

It’s the one item that always bothered me, was my nose. Now I have extra confidence. I have no issue at all with side pictures, front pictures. I love having my picture taken now. It’s just given my overall outlook on my looks a 100 percent boost.

People will tell me, “I see something different.” They don’t know if it’s the hair, they don’t know if it’s different makeup, different clothes. But everyone says I look better and I think it’s, too because I’m more confident in my looks.

Because I made the change that I wanted to, to my nose. I definitely researched it and made sure it was important, and found a good doctor. But it was important enough to me that I wanted to do it.

And I wanted to make the change in my life, and I feel better about it.

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Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19

After taking the initiative with closing our office last week we would like to update you on our plans moving forward during this challenging time.

Though the office is physically closed Dr. Murphy and his staff are here for you. Our team is currently scheduling and rescheduling appointments.

In addition, we are performing new patient evaluations via video conference so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We want to thank all of our patients for your patience as we navigate our way through this unique situation.

We hope you and your families are safe and well.

- Dr. Mark R. Murphy

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