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Success Stories

Meet Kathryn

Meet Kathryn, a 40-year-old Palm Beach County patient of Dr. Murphy who sought out Dr. Murphy because of the wrinkles on her forehead. She had complete confidence in Dr. Murphy because he had performed a procedure on her several years ago which had a beautiful result.

Kathryn likes to refer to her forehead lines as a “stack of pancakes.” She loves her facial expressions, but she did not like seeing that the lines were becoming permanent.

Dr. Murphy suggested Botox injections to her forehead and crow’s feet. Although she was apprehensive at first, she says the discomfort was minimal, and she loved the result. Every time she visits the office she is so happy to see the results within a few days after her injections. Kathryn says “it’s like magic.”

Kathryn says, “when I look in the mirror now I can see that the lines have slowly diminished… no more pancakes… obviously we are all aging, but I look like I remember; I look like me again… and I feel great. Thank you, Dr. Murphy!”

Meet Ellie

Meet Ellie, a Palm Beach County rhinoplasty patient of Dr. Murphy. Like many of Dr. Murphy’s rhinoplasty patients, Ellie felt that her nose was too big and did not fit her face. She also felt that the older she got the bigger her nose looked. Ellie felt that it was time to stop complaining about it and just do something about it.

She found Dr. Murphy on the internet; she just Googled South Florida Facial Plastic Surgeons and his website came right up. After reviewing many websites and pictures, she decided to call Dr. Murphy to schedule a consultation. She thought his before and after pictures were amazing and very natural which was very important to her.

When Ellie met with Dr. Murphy in consultation, she was confident that he clearly understood her goal of achieving a very natural nose and that he would deliver exactly the results she sought.

Ellie’s rhinoplasty took place in May of 2012. She said that people who knew she had rhinoplasty say how amazing and natural her nose looks. But, those who don’t know she had surgery are surprised to hear she has since the nose is so natural appearing. Before she hated to have her picture taken because she felt that all people saw was her nose. But now she never shies from the camera.

Ellie says she would do the procedure again in a heartbeat! The only thing she regrets is having waited so long to do it. She says that if you are thinking about having the procedure then pick up the phone and call Dr. Murphy right now because there is no need to wait. If something bothers you – do something about it.

Meet Laura

Meet Laura, a 46-year-old Palm Beach County rhinoplasty/septoplasty patient of Dr. Murphy. Like many of Dr. Murphy’s rhinoplasty patients, Laura had a dual purpose as she had a very severe deviated septum which was causing recurrent breathing problems and sinus infections.

She was interested in rhinoplasty because she never liked her nose and had a very big bump on the bridge of her nose. Laura’s rhinoplasty took place in June of 2009. Prior to her treatment, Laura says that when she would look at her profile in the mirror she would place her finger over the bridge of her nose to cover the bump and wish she looked like she looks today.

She chose Dr. Murphy because he was board certified as both an ENT and facial plastic surgeon. Laura liked the fact that Dr. Murphy looks at each patient individually, and he doesn’t make everyone’s nose look the same. Laura says he is very patient, great at what he does, and very talented. Laura wanted a very natural nose and didn’t want people to know she had rhinoplasty. To this day people will tell her that her face looks different, her eyes look prettier, or she just looks great, and that is exactly what she wanted!

Now she feels great when her head is turned and knows her profile looks great. It is such a change from when she would turn her head so that others wouldn’t see her nose. Laura says that the rhinoplasty has given her a lot of self-confidence, and in addition, she can breathe better. It has been a wonderful experience, medically and cosmetically.

Meet Marybeth

Meet Marybeth, a 63-year-old nurse and patient of Dr. Murphy who received Botox and Juvederm followed by a face and neck lift. Like many of Dr. Murphy’s patients, Marybeth felt that she looked older than she felt and wanted a refreshed and more youthful appearance. Marybeth met Dr. Murphy in the medical office she works in and was in a unique position to meet many of Dr. Murphy’s patients. She was impressed with the results that he provided his patients, and by the referrals he received by other physicians who referred to him as the best facial plastic surgeon in Palm Beach.

Marybeth chose to have Botox as her initial procedure with Dr. Murphy because she was getting wrinkles on her forehead. Then she had some lip injections to give her the fullness she had lost in her lips. Marybeth was so happy with the results of the injections because the result was so natural no one ever knew she did anything. She immediately felt younger and had more confidence in herself and was ready to move on and schedule her surgery.

Marybeth had a face and neck lift in 2009, and says when she looks in the mirror she is always surprised by how good she looks because of Dr. Murphy’s very skilled techniques.

Meet Rita

Meet Rita, a 60-year-old Palm Beach County patient of Dr. Murphy who was highly recommended to Dr. Murphy for a facelift by her dermatologist. Rita knew she wanted a facelift but didn’t know who to trust her face to. She works in a retail store and sees so many women come in that look too pulled and too tight. Rita didn’t want to look “operated on”; she desired a very natural result that would give her a refreshed appearance.

Dr. Murphy suggested a facelift and brow lift in consultation with Rita. She was so impressed by Dr. Murphy, his credentials, his before and after photos, and his staff that she scheduled her facelift that day. Her surgery was done in Dr. Murphy’s surgical suite four weeks later.

Within a few days, Rita could see the results of the facelift and decided to move forward with the brow lift right away. Rita says her surgery and recovery went so well that she was able go out and visit her son just a few days after her facelift. The only thing she regrets is that she did not have both surgeries done at the same time.

When she went back to work, her coworkers thought she looked different but could not figure out what she had done. Rita says that she is very happy she has had the surgery, she looks natural, she looks better, and she feels better.

Rita continues to return to the practice of Mark R. Murphy, MD to maintain her look with Botox injections. Not only has she been highly satisfied with Dr. Murphy’s work, she has also been impressed with his entire team: “Dr. Murphy’s staff is an unbelievable combination of talent!”

Meet Susanne

Meet Susanne, a Palm Beach County rhinoplasty patient of Dr. Murphy. Susanne was referred by an ENT physician because she had a deviated nasal septum which caused some difficulty in her breathing. She knew that medically she needed surgery and wanted to have the shape of her nose cosmetically refined at the same time.

Susanne had been searching for the right doctor on the internet and through people she knew, as well as doctors. Prior to meeting Dr. Murphy she had been on several consultations. Once she met with Dr. Murphy she knew he was the one. She felt he immediately understood her medical needs and what she was trying to achieve cosmetically. Dr. Murphy was kind, confident, double board certified, and most of all she trusted him.

Six days after surgery her cast came off, and she was back to work, with minimal swelling and bruising. Susanne says she was so excited about her surgery results the moment the cast came off!

The one item about Susanne’s appearance that always bothered her was her nose. Now she says she feels so much better about herself, and she has more confidence and loves having her picture taken from any side or angle. It has been a liberating experience for her.

When people see her they know something is different, but they don’t know if it is her hair, her makeup, or clothes but everyone says she looks better. She knows that it is because she is more confident in her looks because she made the change in her nose that she always wanted.

Susanne says she “researched rhinoplasty and the doctors in Florida and made sure she found the right doctor because it was so important to her.” After finding Dr. Murphy she made the change to her nose, and she feels better about it!

Meet Micheale

Meet Micheale, a 64-year-old Palm Beach County patient of Dr. Murphy who had a face and neck lift, fat injections, an upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty, and Juvederm to her lips.

Like many of Dr. Murphy’s patients, Micheale was unhappy about her neck, jowls, and puffy eyes. Micheale works in an upscale Palm Beach Boutique and frequently has the opportunity to talk with women who have had cosmetic surgery. Having heard Dr. Murphy’s name come up so often she decided to schedule a consultation to find out what her options were.

Micheale wanted a very natural result and did not want to look like she had something done; she just wanted to look refreshed. In addition, she wanted to restore the youthful fullness to her face. Micheale felt that she looked older on the outside than she felt on the inside. After meeting with Dr. Murphy and his team she was confident in her decision to move forward with surgery.

Micheale was extremely impressed by the staff at Dr. Murphy’s office and the recovery facility. She was even more impressed by Dr. Murphy himself. “He’s so meticulous in everything he does and genuinely concerned about his patients. The staff are so friendly, and they go above and beyond to make sure everything is just so.”

After her surgery, friends who knew she had surgery thought she looked amazing. Casual acquaintances thought she went on a long vacation and looked rested.

Micheale is so happy with her results she feels great about the way she looks, and the surgery has given her back her self-confidence. She would urge anyone who wants to get a “facial nip and tuck” that they shouldn’t wait – they should call Dr. Murphy.

Meet Patricia

Meet Patricia, a 50-year-old Palm Beach County patient of Dr. Murphy who initially received Botox® and Juvederm® injections followed by a series of Sculptra treatments. Like many of Dr. Murphy’s patients, Patricia felt that she looked older than she felt and wanted to restore the fullness in her face to give her a more refreshed and more youthful appearance. Dr. Murphy treated her temples, cheekbones, and jawline with Sculptra® almost two years ago, and she is so happy that she did it.

Patricia says that she was very nervous about having her first Sculptra® treatment. She was nervous that it would be painful and what her final result would be. She was pleasantly surprised that it was not painful; there was no downtime, and, in fact, she was able to go out to dinner the same night with friends who could not tell she had done it.

Patricia says she is happy that the result was very gradual, natural, and gentle so that no one ever knew what she did. She would do it again because of the youthful appearance she feels she has. Her face is definitely fuller, and the treatment lifted her face up so that she feels more confident. She recommends Sculptra® because it is gradual; it’s natural, it’s safe, and she thinks it is cost effective because it does last for so long. She believes she will get years more out of the Sculptra that is already two years old. Patricia feels that having Sculptra® has made a life changing difference!

Meet Kathleen

Meet Kathleen, a 52-year-old Palm Beach County patient of Dr. Murphy who had a brow lift and upper blepharoplasty (upper eyelid lift) at the same time as a Mohs closure to her forehead.

Kathleen found Dr. Murphy through some friends whose opinion she values and trusts who are in the local medical community. She also did some extensive research on her own and found that in addition to being double board certified, he had quite an impressive educational and training background.

Kathleen says she had very baggy eyelids, and he was willing to take as much time as needed to address her concerns to make sure that she was comfortable and was very interested in what she wanted to accomplish with the procedure.

The recovery time Kathleen says was a piece of cake, and she was really pleasantly surprised – she was driving in three days. She had very minimal bruising and swelling, and she never took any of the pain medication prescribed. Dr. Murphy and his staff made every step so easy.

As for people noticing, Kathleen says that people have definitely noticed and tell her how great she looks, how she has not aged at all, and they will say things like wow your eyes look great! People don’t ask what she did specifically; they just tell her how good she looks. The friends whom she told about the procedure said they thought it was phenomenal that she doesn’t look like she has had anything done, that she looks very natural and that her eyes look more open and a little more youthful, but they never would have known had she not told them that she actually had a surgery. Her attitude has actually changed since the surgery because her outside now matches her inside better!


Dr. Murphy would like you to enjoy the following videos from actual patients of Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgery. New videos are always being uploaded, so please continue to visit this page to view more patient video testimonials.

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